Griffith Park

Sometimes the naming conventions in this city can be rather confounding.  I whole heartedly approve of some aspects of it.  The obvious labeling of highways for instance.  If you want to get to Santa Monica, take the Santa Monica freeway.  If you want to get to Pasadena, take the Pasadena freeway.  Same deal for Hollywood, San Diego, Sacramento, Ventura.  Quite logical really.  Then there is the general reluctance to relinquish the names, despite how many directional changes a road may have made or counties it has crossed.  I have mentioned this before – the existence of two identical addresses on Robertson Blvd, mere blocks apart.  I ran into a similar situation the other day.  I was running an errand that took me to a shop called Glendale Auto at 2242 San Fernando Blvd.  I looked the address up in though there was no such address in Glendale there was one in the neighbouring area of Burbank so I made the assumption this was the locale.  When my GPS announced I had arrived at my location where there appeared to be only a lonely stretch of railroad I called the store to be informed that they were, in fact, downtown and the Glendale appellation was just a coincidence.  I left A to get to B when in reality I needed C.














Needless to say, this rather changed the course of my day.  A friend of mine had suggested a walk in Griffith Park earlier and it seemed like a good way to rescue the afternoon.



Griffith Park is quite an amazing piece of real estate.  I had assumed, this being a movie town, that the place had something to do with the director D.W. Griffith.  It was actually donated by a wealthy mining baron named Griffith J Griffith who had originally bought the property as an ostrich farm.  G Griffith’s own history is fascinating (he was convicted of shooting his wife, for instance and ever after was considered politically tainted.  The likes of Charlie Sheen seem to be able to avoid this fate in modern society)  The park itself features the famous observatory














as well as the LA Zoo, the planetarium, the Museum of the American West, the Greek Theatre and is home to the Hollywood Sign.

The park has been used as a location for dozens of films – Rebel Without A Cause, Terminator and Charlie’s Angels to name but a few – and is also houses to a real bat cave (no Adam West at this one).

The park is enormous – 4310 acres.  By comparison, Central Park in New York is 843 acres and our own High Park in Toronto is but 398.  There are trails for days, spectacular views, wildlife, as well as golf courses and tennis courts for the more sports oriented people.  It was a beautiful place to save the day and I really look forward to exploring it in depth.


I think what I need to do is find myself a really great job with a really great salary that affords me an enormous amount of leisure time.  Too bad I have not seen any listings for “Retired Billionaire” or “Kept Woman of Leisure” in the Workopolis ads lately.  But if there were any, they would be here.  I’ll keep looking.

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