While I found my visit to the Doheny Mansion last weekend to be somewhat aesthetically lacking it did inspire an interest in the history of Los Angeles and a return visit to the Greystone Mansion.

Greystone was the residence of Ned Doheny, son and sole heir of Edward Doheny.  He was murdered (or committed murder then suicide, depending on who you believe) in 1929.  His widow remarried and remained in the mansion with their five children until she sold it in 1955 to one Henry Crown who also owned the Empire State Building.  Crown never lived there – he rented the property to movie studios and eventually sold the house to Beverly Hills who turned the estate into a park in order to prevent the razing of the mansion to make room for a sub division.  You have to find all this on the internet.  There is curiously little information about the estate’s history on the actual property and the city run website remains quite tight lipped on the mystery behind the murder.

Greystone is much more appealing than the Doheny mansion.  To be fair the Doheny Sr’s property was built as a hunting lodge and is heavy and dark and in the flats of downtown while Greystone is airy and built on 16 acres in Beverly Hills.

Unfortunately the house itself is not open to the public unless you are lucky enough to be invited to a private event.  They are having a vintage car rally on May 1st for instance.

I suppose you could gain access if you decided to shoot a movie.  This place has more film credits than Lloyd Bridges.  (Who has appeared in 217 films, if you are curious.)

I managed to press my nose up against the glass to take some shots of the interior.  To a curious person such as I a locked door can be ever so frustrating.  I looked around but could not find a place to sneak in, and there were workers inside prepping the place.  I guess it would not go over well with the LAPD to be caught performing a B&E on a historic mansion.

Te building is beautiful and it SMELLS beautiful too.  There are several formal gardens and they are replete with roses and lavender and rosemary.

The place is beautiful and very peaceful on a quiet weekday.  If ere I decide to commit a murder/suicide (which I have not entirely ruled out) I cannot think of a nicer place to do it.



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