Graceland – June 24, 2010

Well, I am a couple of days behind on my reportage as I travel at breakneck speed across the Southern States, but I DID make it to Graceland.

Graceland is much smaller than one would anticipate (smaller, I think, than the house I was raised in).

The grounds are huge but the house is dwarfed by the machine that Elvis has become.  Across the street lies the huge parking lot and the endless chain of  gift shops that individually specialize in the various aspects of his life.  HIs cars, his clothes, his movies, all get their own venue and there are at least three little cafes that cater to the patrons of the mansion.

The decor is as deliciously 70s as you would hope.

I particularly loved this wallpaper:

And the presence of what is called the “Jungle Room” brings attention to the fact that the Grotto seems to be a recurring theme on this trip.

There is a pretty remarkable display of his awards.  It is easy to mock him – the Elvis of my memory is the sweaty fat guy from Vegas – but the enormous number of gold records he earned is pretty remarkable.  And the fact that he was only 42 (!!!!!) when he died makes it even more amazing.

But really, it is all about the suits isn’t it?

Made it from Memphis to Oklahoma and am now camped in Santa Fe, NM.  On to the Grand Canyon, then home.  I will be reporting further on the journey (including a longer than desired spell at Discount Tire in Amarillo, Texas) and will be addressing the disparity in American hotel rooms in depth.

Cheers, and happy trails to you all.


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