Good ideas

Harnessing fire.   That was good idea.  The invention of the wheel was bang on as well.  The internal combustion engine, the polio vaccine, pepperoni.  All good in my books.

You know what isn’t a good idea?  Traveling with your pet.  Traveling with your pet is a stupid idea and only adds a soupçon of panic to an already stressful situation.

I dragged fat Liam down to LA with me this time and though I am delighted he is here the actual process was not one that I wish to repeat (which of course I will be doing in a few short months, unless the bugger learns to drive).  I had to drug him up, drag him through Pearson and abandon him at the fragile baggage counter.  As I walked away I felt like I had deposited my child at the information booth at the Eaton Center and left him to fend for himself.  I have now discovered that openly weeping in the security section of Terminal One adds precisely nothing good to the travel experience.  Attempts to lighten the situation (like asking the security guard if the total body scan made my ass look fat) fall on the deaf ears of the chronically humourless.

At least he was sedated.  I have no vices anymore, but smoking and drinking seems liked pretty good options and by the time I hit the ramp to the plane I am fairly certain I could have been talked into some intravenous drug use in fairly short order.

We made it and he has settled in rather well I think.  I like to think of him as a benevolent despot ensconcing himself in the middle of his newly discovered habitat and proclaiming himself lord of all he surveys.

I will leave him to systematically ruin everything I own while I go out to forge a new career.

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