Fishing or Flying

The only two reasons why anyone should be up at an hour that begins with “4” are fishing or flying and I really only ever do one of them.  I myself was up at such an ungodly hour the other day to deliver myself to New York City.  The journey itself was uneventful, though the airport was curiously bustling at such an early hour and I found myself strolling the Manhattan streets for the start of the business day.  Within three minutes of ditching my suitcase I was asked for directions and two minutes later I found a cool second hand book store.  Ah, New York.

I love this city.  I love the energy. I love the architecture.  I love the unapologetic jay walking.  I love the that you can move from the peak of urban bustle then drop down a cross street to be greeted by leafy canopies and stately brownstones.  I love that a whole unique world operates on eye level and when you look up another dimension reveals itself.  This city is constantly exposing its layers and I am fascinated by it all.

My hotel turned out to be an excellent choice.   From a completely innocuous foyer I made my way to a large apartment suite complete with full kitchen.  Bigger than anything I could afford to live in in New York and conveniently located at 49th between Lexington and 3rd with free breakfast and internet thrown in.  AND fully vetted by the Bedbug Registry so safe unbitten sleeping for me!


I had a very good meeting over lunch and rolled my full self up to Central Park.  It amazes me that such a beautiful expanse of green can exist amid the mayhem of the city.

Dinner was an early affair at Nobu 57 with my friend Jonathan Lattif. I have a longstanding challenge with Jonathan that one day I will feed him to the point off illness.  We came close.

Today I walked all over the island, shopped for (but failed to purchase) shoes at several fantastic locations, tucked two excellent meetings in and managed to completely fail to notice an earthquake.  An eventful day.

Tomorrow I have one more meeting in the afternoon then I shove off for LA.  The morning is clear.  Do I subway down to Chelsea and ghoul around Soho and the Village which are my favorite neighbourhoods or do I commit to culture and zip over to MOMA?  These are the decisions I love to make.

LA will be another raucous raceabout.  I had hoped that one contact would be able to coordinate a bunch of potential suppliers into one room but alas she cannot, so I will be meeting with them individually.  So far I have meetings in Pasadena, West Hollywood, Sherman Oaks and Studio City.  There will be much driving, but I am hoping to tuck a couple more in as well.  I am going to try for three a day (I managed that once on  my last stay) on both days.  A two-fer-three-fer, as it were.

Wish me luck.  It will be difficult to bid adieu to this fantastic place.


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