Färdknäppen sounds like a combination of two of my favourite leisure activities, but it is actually a revolutionary way of living that hails from Stockholm, Sweden.

Färdknäppen is a community owned apartment house comprised of 43 individual apartments that range in size from one to three rooms, including a small kitchen each.  The apartments share a large communal space including a vast kitchen, dining room, exercise room with sauna and a small photography lab.

There is also an office with a computer, printer & scanner for any work that needs to be done and two small guest rooms for visitors.  There are large gardens and a rooftop green space as well.  There is a communal laundry area and a small carpentry workshop where minor household repairs can be done.  Everyone participates in keeping the house clean and in preparing the dinner meal.

Why my interest in a community house in Sweden?  The concept of pooling my resources with friends to maximize our quality of life is one that we have been kicking around for a while.  We are, for the most part, single and those who have children know they will eventually (like it or not, dammit) be flying the coop.  We are independent financially but aware of the struggles of living along in this vibrant but expensive city.  We have discussed what options we have as we start to consider our “twilight” years.

This from the Färdknäppen website

The initiative to create Färdknäppen was taken by a number of middle-aged people, who were concerned about their future and what their living conditions would be as they aged.

You move into Färdknäppen when family and children no longer dictate your needs. In order to live in Färdknäppen you should be 40 years old or older and no longer have children living in your home. And you should embrace the idea of collective living in “the second half of life”.

The  advantages of living in Färdknäppen are many and of course different for different individuals. How much social contact and  “togetherness” one desirers varies from person to person and from one period to another.

The tenants at Färdknäppen can spend as much or as little time as they want in their private areas, but the sense is that the environment will engender a sense of community for each individual, and that in turn will ward off many of the trials (and indeed the loneliness) that can be present for the single aging person.

Kinda sounds like a bang up idea.  I think I am a little young to be considering such things, but I will certainly mull it over for the future.  Perhaps I am facing my future in an exciting and mature new way.

Or, I just like saying “Färdknäppen”.

Maybe a bit of both.

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