Ever had one of those days?

Ever had one of those days when you start the day believing you have everything organized?  All your appointments and errands arrange in tidy time slots?  And then by about 10:00 AM you feel like some supreme being has taken everything on your list, tossed it into a bag like the purple Crown Royal pouch that everyone seemed to keep their Scrabble tiles in and then randomly scattered the contents across your calendar?  I have had one of those days.  Actually, I have had several of them in a row.

It really started with discovering that my beloved “cat”, Liam, had once again licked a raw spot on his arm.  He has done this once before (See “Who’s the Boss” Oct 5/11 http://themadpixie.com/?p=1682)  and I was tormented by the fact that the vet I took him to had suggested the at the licking was behavioral and the implied result of my neglect.  Well, precisely zero had changed in the boys regime this time so I hauled him back to find out what the hell was up.  The new vet asked if the previous wound had responded to steroids treatment.  It had.  He assured me if that was the case this was an allergy that oddly manifests on the forearm and isn’t behavioral at all.  I am vindicated.  And blissfully the new vet agreed that trying to trap my mini Houdini in a plastic Elizabethan collar was a total waste of time (here’s the photographic proof http://themadpixie.com/?p=1706) so he has bestowed upon my pet a lovely cape for the same purpose.  I think he looks rather fetching.  Inspiring, even.

Anyway, all is well on the home front and I am beginning to realize no matter how organized you may be and how much of a control freak you are, trying to map out the days is like juggling Jell-O.  No matter how you try you will never get a proper handle on it.

3 Responses to “Ever had one of those days?”

  1. brian moffatt says:

    I’m inclined to think Liam needs some time in the wild. Restricted maybe, but some space nonetheless.

  2. The Mad Pixie says:

    What, like at your house? Nice try.

  3. Sari says:

    Hi Jane! Our bengals sometimes lick fur off places…Couple of things we do- give them a bath-dirt makes them itchy so we wash our cats…(takes some energy but worth it)…Fill bath with water like 1/3 up…Put something nice in the water like tea tree oil shampoo…(human stuff is fine, just a little)…Find cat…Pick up at the waist with both hands…Walk very quickly to bath with cat in hands in a way that you can’t be scratched, & gently put cat in water…If you can hold with one hand at scruff, other hand does a perfunctory scrub all over especially bum…Cat may jump out or try to scratch…This is pretty normal & doesn’t happen after the first time much…Whole thing is like 1-3 minutes tops…If cat still loves you, gently pick up & wrap in towel…if not, let cat hide while still soaking wet after jumping out & scratching you with a death scratch…But now cat is cleaner & scratching usually stops…
    Other thing we do: Switch to human food like boiled chicken breast for a week…Sometimes it’s the cat food…We feed Innova dry & Purina Urinary tract chicken entree canned sometimes…The expensive brands tend to keep them away from the vet…
    Good luck…

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