Epitaph – July 2010

I have been home for a week now and I am still trying to find my head.  (I am sure at least one of you is thinking I should check with a proctologist).

When I left Los Angeles I felt a growing rise of panic that there were so many things I didn’t do.  I never made it to LACMA (LA County Museum of Art).  I never saw the collection at the Getty Villa.  I missed the Hollywood Fringe Festival.

Well, here I am back in Toronto and yesterday I manages to extricate myself from the folds of the couch to go and see a few productions at the Toronto Fringe festival,  en route I passed by the Bata Shoe Museum.  Never been in it.  Nor have I been to see the Gehry reno at the AGO (across the street from Deschamps, of course).

I guess the point is no matter how busy are and how many things you try to do there will always be things that fall by the wayside and it’s all about where you put your effort.

I’ll be back to LA soon enough.  Maybe I will get to the Bata before I go.

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