Edge Walk

The other day I did the CN Tower Edge Walk where, as the name might suggest, one walks around the perimetre of the first large hamburger shaped building on the stick.

So up in the air you are, wearing a saucy red jumpsuit, hanging 356 metres off the ground (1168 feet for the Imperialists).  It is very exhilarating and the view is fabulous.  But curiously that is not what this post is about.

I went on this lovely excursion with my friend Kim and her father, Harry.  In her youth Kim was a punk rocker and prone to sporting all the fashion that such an affiliation brings.  Harry was a school teacher.  Kim related a story to me about how she had been yanked from class and threatened with suspension for one of her more daring outfits which I believe was a pair of clear plastic pants, modesty guaranteed by the strategic placement of duct tape.  Harry was called and instead of delivering a stern lecture he drove from his school to hers to patiently explain the concept of “Freedom Of Expression” to the offended officials.  100 points to Harry for supporting his daughter and her right to speak (or wear) her opinions.

Kim is one of the most generous people I know but she wouldn’t want you to know that.  This post was inspired by the fact that after our walk we were talking about what the rest of the week held for us and she mentioned that she had to do a driver’s training class for Meals on Wheels.  I told her I was impressed and she shrugged it off.  She recently started driving again, thought about how lucky she was to be able to do so, and thought she should give something back.  This is natural for her and it isn’t the first time it has happened.  After taking the George Brown pastry degree she looked for a charity that she could bake cookies for.  She found one and moved from baking edible donations to sitting on their board for several years.  She organized her local street fair. She donates to charities.  And all of this comes as easily to her as it does to me to take the last slice of cake (And I will. Oh yes I will.  And then I will deny it.).

Altruism is defined as the “regard for others as a principle of action; unselfishness” and Kim is a altruist in the truest sense of the word.  She doesn’t need the accolades, she just is compelled to do good for those less fortunate.  She and her father are cut from the same cloth and I am humbled and impressed by them both.

Who knew you could learn about being grounded at a thousand feet in the air?

2 Responses to “Edge Walk”

  1. Cynda Booth says:

    Wow! I don’t know which one of the abbreviated stories of personal victory included here, is my favourite!

    Congratulations on lives well lived.

  2. Jennifer Ward says:

    What a nice tribute to Kim. I am truly impressed by her altruism and your joint bravery; however, I still think you are both NUTS for even standing near the edge of the hamburger. I remain at once thrilled and vertiginous.

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