So, I had me a little dilemma over the weekend.  I received a notice that Janeane Garofalo was playing the the Little Room at Largo.  The same night my friend Robi was playing at the Whiskey A-Go-Go with a guy called Zack Dust, whose record he just produced.  Tough call.  I am a huge fan of Janeane and the Little Room only holds 60 people, so the show would be an extremely intimate one.  The Whiskey is a legendary club (although it really is exactly like the Horseshoe Tavern only on 2 levels and nary a good site line to be found).  Zack is a talented singer songwriter from Croatia.  Janeane is a brilliant comedienne.

I decided that overall it would be a better idea to support local and upcoming talent, and that a fledging career like Zack’s would benefit more from my presence than would a well established person such as Ms Garofalo and  …

who the hell am I kidding really?

Did I mention that Zack looks like this?

Yep, a beautiful, talented, extremely polite Balkan babe with a kicky little accent and the voice of an angel.  Once the cougar-perv in me weighed the odds, no coin toss was necessary.

My frequent bouts of shallow never cease to amaze me.

The concert was excellent.

Robi on the left, Zack on the right.

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