Day 3

I had set up a couple of appointments for today to see other places in the event my Formosa cottage rental fell through.  I managed to see the outside of two dreadful buildings before I needed tea fortification.  One of them was further east that I have been looking at the border of the Thai Town and Little Armenia areas.  Bodes well for restaurants, bakeries and sex tape starlets, not so much for apartments.  The rule of thumb is that the further west you go (towards the ocean), the nicer the area.  There are exceptions – Silver Lake is lovely and the further UP the hills you climb the higher the ticket value.  But the Starbucks at Western and Hollywood was no charm, though I did turn around to be startled by Thai La Toya Jackson.

I then went to a local T Mobile to test my theory that all cellular phone provider stores are staffed by disaffected youths whose determination to remain engrossed in conversation with their coworkers seems to grow in direct proportion to the amount of customers they can ignore at any given time.  So far, the theory holds.  I was biting my nails waiting for the call from Judy to let me know the Formosa apartment was mine (I erroneously called her Jean in a previous post).  I should learn how to be patient, which seems about as likely as my learning to be tall.  Or Norwegian.  Finally I called her and she assured me all was well and that we could connect tomorrow to go over the details about deposit and first months rent and to square away when I could officially take possession.  Relief.

I didn’t want to go back to the rental as my landlord was cutting hair there today so I went in the later afternoon to the California Science Center (didn’t know there was one) which is next door to the Museum of Natural History (didn’t know about that either) to see the Mummies of the World exhibit.  Quite interesting, and more that a little macabre.  Surprisingly so for a museum with a directive to lure in the kiddies.  There was one display where you could spin a wheel and watch the carcass of a rabbit rot down to the bone.  Actually, I think the adults were probably more grossed out that the kids – the place was oft punctuated with cries of disgust in deeper tones followed by the high pitched giggles of their offspring.  All in the name of science.

I am chock a block from Wednesday through to my return on Saturday, but tomorrow I may have free so I intend to hike up Runyon (though woefully unprepared clothing wise to do so).  Wednesday and Thursday are reserved for the potential quest for a car, though I saw THIS little honey outside Whole Foods. 2001 Porsche Boxter convertible, anyone?  Tonnes of miles, not tonnes of money?  Anyone?

More tomorrow.

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