Corruption is awesome

I have bought a subscription to the LA Times in the hopes of gaining some insight into my southern neighbours.  Who don’t spell “neighbour” like I just did.  Shut up, spell check.

The issues truly dominating the news these days are the divorce of Frank and Jaime McCourt, or more specifically which of these two multi millionaire will gain custody of the LA Dodgers, a truly second rate ball team with what I am told is a lovely stadium.  Of this, I care little.

The other big item is the corruption scandal of Bell, California.  It is a sleepy burg of some 39,000 people and fully eight members of their city council are being indicted for fraud.  The lead prankster is a guy name Robert Rizzo and frankly central casting could not have done a better job.  He was the city manager (not the mayor) for almost twenty years, voted himself salary raises to the tune of $1.5 million per annum plus he diverted sums of an additional $1.9 million in city loans to himself and his cronies.  All of this for a town with a population fewer than Timmons, Ontario.  One of them drove to work in a chauffeured limo.  Plus, the guy looks like the Penguin from the Batman Tv show

Ah, this town.  Even the corruption scandals are larger than life.  Though their perpetrators are not necessarily.

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