Corruption is Awesome – Part 2

I wrote a while back about the corruption that is rocking the tiny community of Bell, California.  More news today – the Chief Of Police has also been tapped in the scandal.  He signed on last year as chief and on the same day he was hired he was also declared disabled, a move that allowed him not only a lifetime disability benefit upon his retirement but also relieved him from having to pay tax on half his pension which was valued at about $400,000.00.  While enjoying his annual salary of $457,000.00 (remember Bell is a town of some 39,000 people) he managed to take regular rigorous spinning classes, enjoyed snow skiing and ran a 5K race in 32 minutes.  How did he obtain his disability, you may ask?  He twisted his back packing up his office to move to his new chief position.

The have balls in this part of the world.

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