I just got back from a screening of “Catfish”, a new documentary about privacy and the internet.  The film was being shown at the Director’s Guide.  Not at all shockingly, the theatre was beautiful and the sound system was fantastic.  I don’t know if you have seen the trailers or the ad campaign for “Catfish”.  If you have, ignore them immediately.  The folks at Universal got it in to their collective heads that an advertising misdirect was in order.  The vibe is very “Blair Witch Project” and the film itself could not be further from that.  Definitely worth a look and yet again the screening was attended by the star/subject, which lead to a fascinating Q&A after the movie.

The stand out feature of tonight’s entertainment was actually the audience.  I got to the theatre early (my predilection for getting a perfect seat having been discussed in the past).  I had a book, but I noticed as the rest of the viewers filtered in that everyone was … short.  Really short.  I am 5’4″, and I noticed.  I have heard about this phenomenon before – the “Tall-y-wood vs Small-y-wood” but I had never witnessed it so effectively illustrated.  Does one have to be vertically challenged to be a director in this town?  A documentary fan?

Just for your edification:

Steven Spielberg – 5’7″

Martin Scorsese – 5’3″

Woody Allen – 5’5″

George Lucas – 5’6″ (although had he been taller, it would have explained a lot.  Like Jar Jar Binks, for instance)

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