Buchan’s Holiday Haven – May 24, 2010

So here’s a study in contrasts for you.

My pal Noelle came down for a visit this weekend (Note to all of you:  It CAN be done)  in the interests of space and frankly because it was available we decamped to John Buchan’s apartment just off the very cool Melrose strip that I have mentioned.  About a 5 minute drive from the apartment on Hollywood, about a world away in style.

The spare bedroom (note hopscotch carpet)

The dining area

Living Room with walk out to small deck


Ensuite laundry (bless his soul)  I carted all my dirty gear down here like a kid home from college and have been reveling in my to-date avoidance of the basement laundry pit.

The bathroom and powder area.  Bathroom has a deep soaker tub and heated lights

The master bedroom and its not one but TWO massive closets.  One thing I have noticed about this town – they truly understand closet space.  Even the smallest studio apartment has a tonne of closets.  Bathrooms are another story.  This is the home of the “One-er”.  If you go to almost any restaurant you will discover that they often only have a single stall.  This is a phenomenon I have witnessed at small intimate cafes and restaurants with a 300 seat capacity.  What conclusion can be drawn?  That everyone has a tonne of clothes but they are so uptight they don’t pee?  I will have to do a study.

Here’s his view of the Hollywood sign.  Believe it or not this sort of thing significantly increases property value.

And here’s his view of the secret backyard nook his next door neighbour has and I covet.

Anyway.  I am spending my last day here doing laundry, doing research, sending emails and eyeing his big screen TV with TiVo and cable.  I am sure I will be able to coax myself out, if only to go back to the stores I visited with Noelle to cast aside the restraint I exhibited yesterday and buy all the cool things I saw.  Maybe not the $500 leather jacket.  But it was gooooooood.

Cheers.  More later.  I have some good shots of the farmers market I want to share.

News from the warm front?  (20 here today, 28 there today.  Bastards)

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