Brown blanket, brown cat, white blanket

I bought this pristine white bedding when I first got my place in LA, not paying much thought to the idea that Sir Fatnstripey might one day join me.  This would also explain the purchase of a leather sofa and chair currently being used as a jungle gym and growing more brambly by the minute.  Anyway, after discovering that he had befouled the comforter with his shedding and as a preemptive move so as not to bankrupt myself in laundry fees I bought this cozy brown blanket.  A cozy brown blanket that he happily sleeps upon when it is anywhere except on top of the pristine white bedding.  He will NOT be prevailed upon to nap on it, preferring the white side.  Perhaps it is an esthetic decision and he finds the visual contrast more pleasing.  I cannot say, but I am off to the grocery store to invest in a tub of bleach and some stain guard.

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