Blue Jean Baby, LA Lady

Seamstress for the baaaannndddd …  Did I mention you can hear Elton John’s “Tiny Dancer” a good half dozen times on any given day?

I have been keeping busy doing research, setting up meetings and joining any group that doesn’t have the good sense to bar my application.  Last week I joined the International Documentary Association and went to see what I thought was to be a screening on Harry Shearer’s film “The Big Uneasy”.  It turned out not to be a screening, rather a Q&A with Harry himself before the launch of the doc on Friday September 25th.  One of the cool things about this city is the fact that so many writers, directors and performers actually live here so it is not uncommon to have one of the creators of a project be on hand to answer questions about the process.  This doc is about Katrina, as one might imagine, but one specifically about how the media erroneously determined that what happened in New Orleans was a natural disaster.  Shearer’s argument is that the hurricane itself did relatively little damage – it was the decades of incompetence exhibited by the army corps of engineers that resulted in the levee system failing and as such was no natural disaster at all.  The Q&A was really interesting.  I would have gone to the reception afterwards but for the fact that whilst buttering my popcorn at the beginning of the event I managed to take a stream of butter directly to the boob like a round from an AK47, leaving a greasy Rorschach spatter pattern that I did not wish to have interpreted.

Later that week I went back to Largo at the Coronet to see a comedy act called “Garfunkel & Oates”. They are an absolutely delightful couple of girls who play very amusing songs. They are charming and engaging and actually look to be having a great deal of fun.  They have a bunch of videos on YouTube (here’s a link to “Pregnant Women Are Smug”:  At one point they handed out kazoos and had the audience join in.  About half way through their show Sarah Silverman showed up and performed a set.  I am beginning to believe Sarah Silverman lives at the Largo – I have been there three times and each time she has shown up to perform, always it would seem rather impromptu.  I am going back tonight to see Patton Oswalt.  It will be interesting to see if she is there again.

Squeezed in a seminar on intellectual property rights and social media, which was only about half as boring as I thought it might be. Next week I have a bunch of music shows I want to see.  Sarah Harmer is playing but ironically on the one day I have tickets – to go see Sarah Silverman at Largo at the Coronet.

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