Another amazing accident

I am a pretty active person.  I exercise frequently and I am always up for trying new and challenging things.  I have gone to circus school, boxed, jumped out of a plane, taken trapeze lessons and hopped around in kangoo boots amongst various other adventures.  Yet every time I sustain an injury it is while doing something so banal it is ridiculous.  A few years ago I bruised my kidney and cracked a rib while taking out the recycling.  Friday night I broke my wrist by tripping over my own sleeping leg on the way to the bathroom.  (This may be the last public admission of such as I am working on some far more entertaining excuses.  I am currently toying with a jousting mishap or perhaps a heroic rescue that may or may not have a bovine element to it).

The long and the short of it is I may be sporting a cast for the next five or six weeks which should dovetail nicely with the stickiest, hottest, humidest part of the year.

The wrist that I broke is the right one and not only am I right handed but stubbornly and emphatically so.  I am slowly learning how useless I am with just my left hand.  I found myself eating in a posture one might associate with a famous bell tower inhabitant in an effort to shorten the distance between bowl and mouth.  I suspect there will be a lot of soup in my diet.  As I have no hair and make up team I am clinging to the hope that the Medusa look will make a rousing comeback in the extremely near future. I already know I am going to eternally grateful to whoever it was that invented Nair and those U shaped picks that hold dental floss as without them my personal grooming/hygiene would be damned for certain.  While cooking dinner last night I realized I needed someone to grind my pepper, which wasn’t a metaphor until I thought about it and realized that I will indeed need someone to both literally AND metaphorically grind my pepper.

We’ll see what the next few weeks bring.  I have been tapping this out with the ring finger of my right hand as it sees to be able to take the impact on the computer keys.  Writing is out – below is a sample of my sole note for this missive:

So I look forward to several potentially very itchy weeks discovering the limitations of having but one mitten.  If you see me on the street and I launch into an elaborate tale of  arm wrestling a Samoan giantess I hope you will smile and indulge me.


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  1. Laura St.Amour says:

    Loving your metaphor!!

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