Al Gorgeous

Last night I treated myself to a ticket to see Al Gore deliver a lecture called “Our Choice:  A Plan To Solve The Climate Crisis”.  I have seen “An Inconvenient Truth” (actually, I own a copy) and I was looking forward to seeing the man in person.

Full disclosure:  I have a little crush on the Al Man.  He seems so earnest.  As for how true his claims are that he invented the internet and how important he was to policy change I simply cannot answer, but I like the guy.

As for Clinton, I have full on lust.  Saucy little devil.

I understand that they loathed one another during Clinton’s presidency.  Can you imagine the arguments?  Two southern gentlemen, both brilliant debaters, duking it out in a war of words?  Thrilling.  I have fantasies, like I am the protagonist in some perverse role reversed Archie  comic with vixen Veronica Clinton vying for my attention over the sweet devoted Betty Gore.

That was a stunningly bad analogy for which I must apologize.  But it would be sexy, wouldn’t it?

I saw Bill speak a year or so ago and he is captivating. There is no debate that he is in charge and is gently instructing you as to the steps you need to take to join his clan.  If you can wrest your gaze from his enormous hands.  They could easily palm a basketball.  (I’ll let all of your dirty, dirty minds do the rest here)

Al is more cajoling, like the coach of a losing team who is really trying to rally you to join up.

It must be enormously difficult to present speeches like the one Gore gave.  In fact, it must be interesting to be Gore, period. Vice Presidents seem to be given the rap as the poor dumb cousin to their presidential partners (Joe Biden, Dan Quayle etc).  Even George Bush senior was oft portrayed as a turkey in the brilliant puppet satire “Spitting Images”

GHWB was no dummy.  Evil, perhaps (god only knows what he got up to as the director of the CIA) but not stupid and he did manage to shake the rep before he took over the presidential seat.  And then his dumb ass son actually DID managed to steal the election from Gore, a fact that Gore handles with humour and I continue to be confounded by.

The Gore evening was interesting and I don’t think he had an easy task at hand.  There is some pretty complex information that needs to be communicated and repeated and the audiences must be widely varied from country to country.  You have to be convincing without  condescending and be erudite without exclusion.  He did manage to achieve this, although I felt sometimes like he was appealing to a lower common denominator that he needed to.  He is funny, charming and self deprecating and I enjoyed the evening thoroughly.

I am now fighting a very strange urge to revisit my old Archie comic books.  Curious.

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  1. Steve Denvir says:

    Hey, I was there on Thurs too. Wish I’d seen you, cause I really enjoy the blog.

    Hope you’re well.


  2. The Mad Pixie says:

    Doing great. And I am glad you like the blog.

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