A Mid Christmas Afternoon’s Dream

We are a week in to the Christmas holiday and I am proud to say that my vows to exercise regularly and eat sensibly have gone straight out the window.  I have not lifted anything heavier than a mug of tea or had a meal without chocolate in it for days.  Yesterday I managed to break through my TV binge watching to switch one screen for another and wandered up to the Bloor Hot Docs theatre to watch a Globe On Screen production of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”.  The theatre in which the plays are performed is a recreation of the original Globe for which William Shakespeare wrote many of his plays.  It is an open air venue and the people on the ground level stand for the performance and is contextually accurate from a production standpoint.

“A Midsummer Night’s Dream” is an easy play – a delightful pastoral romp with star crossed lovers and fairies. This production was a broad interpretation – there was a decidedly gay overtone and the humour was played to its maximum effect.  Several of the performances were excellent (the gentleman playing Bottom was fantastic) and the cast as a group was more than solid.  As an added bonus the man playing Oberon (and Theseus as his mortal counterpart) as absolutely exquisite to look at look at and spent much of the play shirtless.  He was a very talent actor, which I reminded myself as I watched him swinging about the stage from ropes and delivering a deep kiss to the boy playing Puck.


I popped in to the lobby during intermission and ran in to a very elegant British woman I took to be in her 70s.  She was asking for the staff for a playbill, explaining that she “just wanted to see who was playing Oberon”.  I laughed and retorted “We all do!” and she laughed in turn.  She confessed she liked some of the other performances better but found him “very easy to watch”.  I was pleased that our appreciation for the is actor was intergenerational and judging by the reaction of the largely female, septuagenarian plus audience rather universal as well.

The actor’s name was John Light and I must emphasize he is a truly talented fellow (despite my rather rude objectification of his more comely aspects).  I will search for his name in future productions.  And secretly hope he next appears in a toga.


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