4:43 and Sleepy Time Tea

I have been having trouble sleeping.  I have been having trouble sleeping for on and off several decades now, but the past ten days has been a pretty consistent battle.  I was in LA for a week and never quite got the hang of the time change and am back in TO having the same trouble.  I have little issue dropping off, but I awake in the middle of the night more alert than I could ever hope during the day.  I wish I could harness my brain power at the instant I surface – I am convinced the answers to world peace and the Caramilk  mystery lie somewhere in the post ethereal moments before I launch into reluctant consciousness.

I used to rail against my sleeplessness until my (excellent) doctor told me to stop fighting it.  I still have bouts of irritation as I watch the clock tick by, knowing the chances of me presenting a reasonable facsimile of a functioning being ebb with every sweep of the watch face, but I try to roll on.  I have stopped lying in bed, tossing and turning and  have been finding some solace in the aforementioned Sleepy Time Tea administered in the wee hours of the morning.  Occasionally I watch TV but have been struck by, nay veritably haunted by the omnipresence of a show called “Murdoch Mysteries”.  This little opus is a Canadian production, on every channel at every hour it would appear.  It is truly dreadful.  Yannick Bisson plays some Olde Tyme detective (honestly, I can’t tolerate more than a minute of this drivel so I am just guessing at the content).  The acting is wooden and the costuming is so bad I suspect the make up artist was hired straight from a 1982 RATT tour.  I am plagued.  And (god save me) I just looked up Yannick Bisson and discovered he previously starred in yet another CBC abomination called “Sue Thomas, FBI” about a deaf chick detective.  I used to do the most appalling and politically incorrect imitation of the “star” of that little treasure.

Is my sleeplessness driving me to madness?  Or just to CBC Drama series exposure, proving once and for all I must go West and seek my fortunes there?

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