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Ever had one of those days?

Wednesday, March 28th, 2012

Ever had one of those days when you start the day believing you have everything organized?  All your appointments and errands arrange in tidy time slots?  And then by about 10:00 AM you feel like some supreme being has taken everything on your list, tossed it into a bag like the purple Crown Royal pouch that everyone seemed to keep their Scrabble tiles in and then randomly scattered the contents across your calendar?  I have had one of those days.  Actually, I have had several of them in a row.

It really started with discovering that my beloved “cat”, Liam, had once again licked a raw spot on his arm.  He has done this once before (See “Who’s the Boss” Oct 5/11  and I was tormented by the fact that the vet I took him to had suggested the at the licking was behavioral and the implied result of my neglect.  Well, precisely zero had changed in the boys regime this time so I hauled him back to find out what the hell was up.  The new vet asked if the previous wound had responded to steroids treatment.  It had.  He assured me if that was the case this was an allergy that oddly manifests on the forearm and isn’t behavioral at all.  I am vindicated.  And blissfully the new vet agreed that trying to trap my mini Houdini in a plastic Elizabethan collar was a total waste of time (here’s the photographic proof so he has bestowed upon my pet a lovely cape for the same purpose.  I think he looks rather fetching.  Inspiring, even.

Anyway, all is well on the home front and I am beginning to realize no matter how organized you may be and how much of a control freak you are, trying to map out the days is like juggling Jell-O.  No matter how you try you will never get a proper handle on it.

Spring! Festive! Festivals!

Friday, March 16th, 2012

Spring appears to have sprung (for the time being, anyway) and what better thing to do to celebrate than to immediately lock oneself in a dark room and watch a movie?  I just took in the inaugural screening at the Hot Docs Theatre in the newly refurbished Bloor Cinema.  They have done a lovely job.  Plush, comfortable seats with high backs, great sound system, a new curved screen (installed curiously high up, but that would be my only criticism).  The washrooms are nice, the small bags of popcorn they sell really are small and reasonably priced so you don’t end up plowing through a pillowcase of puffery that could reasonably feed a soccer team.  They do not sell bottled water but will happily hand over a cup of ice free of charge for you to fill at the drinking fountain.  They have done a stellar job, and as I am passionate about documentaries I forsee many the hour being whiled away in this comfortable lair.  I saw the film “Being Elmo” which covers the career of the man behind (underneath? inside?) the Elmo puppet of “Sesame Street” fame.  It was charming and touching and I left before the Q&A with the director as I had precisely nothing to either Q or A.

Film festivals are rampant in Toronto now.  Someone told me recently that there are about 90 being screened annually.  Hot Docs are my personal favorite, although I have been growing concerned that the it is almost too big now and is approaching critical mass.  I missed last year for the first time in ages, so I will see what the the 2012 line up has to offer.  I personally lost interest in TIFF long ago.  The lottery system doesn’t really work for me and the fact that the city is choked and locked down for the duration just annoys me.  I am, however,  delighted by the building of the TIFF theatre and have been trying to take advantage of it as often as possible before the eponymous festival begins.

One relative newcomer that I am determined to check out this year is the Silent Film Festival which runs from March 29 – April 3.  It starts with “Our Dancing Daughter” starring Joan Crawford at the dawn of her career, before she became famous for Mildred Pierce and a loathing of wire coat hangers.  The Festival was started by Shirley Hughes, who is amongst other things the partner of my Truly Excellent Ex, Marc.  Shirley is a force – she has her conviction meter registering about a 9 and her bullshit meter pinned to zero.  They have some great films scheduled and I hope everyone has a chance to check them out.

TIFF theatre, Hot Docs Theatre, Silent Film Fest.  I shall keep my fish belly pallor well in to the summer by the looks of things.