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The Enormity of Nothing

Saturday, September 4th, 2010

It is becoming apparent how much I possess in my life (charm and good looks aside, of course).  I wasn’t really aware before of the sheer number of things I can reach for without giving it a thought.  A pen.  Tape.  The salt.

Here, I own almost nothing.  As of yesterday I own a bed and by curious circumstance involving a change in wall colour, not one but two sets of sheets.  I also have a toaster, left over from my last visit.  And a vegetable steamer that I don’t like and want to replace.

I have been wandering around my apartment drinking in the emptiness, scribbling furious notes on the next trip to the Dollar Store and Target.   Scissors.  Aluminum foil.  A spatula.

The imminent purchase of so many items has filled me with an appreciation for all the things I have managed to amass through a lifetime of accumulation.  As my friends and family are keenly aware  I have a love for all things kitchen that has been fed for years.  I came to the (erroneous) conclusion some years ago that if I had every possible cooking tool for every possible cooking task I would osmose into a better chef.  As such, there is a strawberry huller nestled in a drawer next to the olive grabber (how grabbing an olive efficiently can improve ones performance in the kitchen remains to be seen) both stored safely under the counter on which rests the citrus juicer and the superb multi speed blender.  By contrast, yesterday I bought a single cutting knife.  Today, wooden spoons and a pepper grinder are on the agenda.

Owning nothing is a strange experience.  The slate is clean.  Too bad I am not – I don’t own any soap.