Park’s (BBQ) And Recreation

Yet another beautiful and fulfilling week in Los Angeles.  This one was marked by Willard’s arrival for the ASCAP music seminar.  The three day seminar, combined with Will’s arrival and my lack of cable resulted in a deft avoidance all things Royal Wedding which I cannot say I regret.  (If you would like to read a clear and amusing defense of the celebration you should read Jessica Porter’s blog at  I managed to avoid my own wedding so why would I want to watch two total strangers getting hitched?

I have been to a number of music seminars in LA and I enter each one of them with a measure of trepidation.  It is hard to abandon the sunny blue skies for an uncomfortable chair in a windowless hotel banquet hall, especially if you have a Canadian in tow recently sprung from blasting snow and freezing temperatures.  But soldier on we did and the seminar was excellent.  I covered the publishing, licensing and legal lectures while Will focussed on the songwriting seminars.  I learned that Paul Williams is an excellent speaker (and just as tiny as you may have thought – he is but 5’2″) and I had an impassioned conversation with the state of the industry and the need to address the runaway buy out demands being made by advertisers and broadcasters with Dave Marenda, the guy who wrote “I Will Remember You” with Sarah McLachlan.

Well, music seminars sure can scare up the hungry in a gal, and I had a willing partner in crime.  Will and I managed to punctuate our lecture attendance with a few good lunches and one night before a party in Koreatown we took advantage of the locale and had a fantastic meal at Park’s BBQ.

Parks is one of the higher end establishments in a neighbourhood rich with local fare.  Each of the tables is equipped with an industrial fan and an in table grill.  You order your meat (in our case a marinated beef dish called bulgogi) and you are provided with a multitude of side dishes including pickles and vegetables and spicy piles of delicious not easily identified wobbly things.  We threw caution to the wind and in the general direction of our excellent waitress who guided us through the process.  She told us we only needed to order one main dish, although she did say that “Americans” often ordered more.  I can only assume she means Americans that routinely consume their own body weight as we thankfully heeded her advice, ordered one dish and were greeted with a mound of raw marinated meat about the size of a regulation football.  It was delicious and filling and we narrowly avoided setting fire to the place.  We wrapped up with our clothes smelling like the worlds greatest campfire and sucking on candies that tasted exactly like Cap’n Crunch.

The whole weekend was an experience I look forward to repeating – Will’s visit, and excellent seminar and several pounds of seasoned beef.  What could be better?

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