The number above is the Ontario Gambling Helpline.  I am delighted to report that I will never need it.

Thursday saw another journey to Casino Rama with a slight change in cast – instead of Christine Kim and I were joined by the lovely Corinne (working our way through “C” initialled executive audio producers).  Instead of a retro rock spectacular we went to see the very funny Chelsea Handler.  I will not do myself, Ms Handler, her fans nor you the enormous disservice of trying to repeat her material but she is a refreshing if at times brutal observationist who is not embarrassed to turn the spotlight on her own idiosyncrasies and weaknesses.  If you like a good laugh and can tolerate the occasional cringe then I recommend you seek her out.

Besides the choice of act, this trip was different from our freshman experience in that Corinne actually knows how to gamble.  She cosied up to the roulette table after the show, $100 in hand, and emerged several hours later $112 richer.  Kim and I watched for a while but the secrets and strategies stubbornly refused to reveal themselves so we wandered of to try some slots.  I sat down at a “Wheel Of Fortune” machine (largely because the seats were comfortable) and proceeded to lose $20 so quickly that I wondered if indeed it would have been slower to actually light a bill on fire.  I think now that the Canadian banknotes are plastic it is extremely possible.  I fed that bill into the machine like you feed those weird little pellets to a goat at a petting zoo, and less than a minute later it was gone.   I was betting a $2 per bet machine (I think) and Kim urged me to try a penny slot, so I sat down at  a Judge Judy game, again largely motivated by the armchair like seating.  I am not sure if I was attracted to the machines inspired by popular daytime TV shows because there was some sense of familiarity or misplaced conviction that I would recognize the strategy, but I fared only slightly better on the second machine.  Kim cashed out with and additional $16.30.  My recouping was a little less impressive.












It actually comes as some relief that my already tending-to-addictive-behaviours lizard brain is thoroughly rejecting a high rolling lifestyle. Just one less thing to worry about.

One thing I can get used to is making a night out with funny, energetic friends an regular thing.  It is very invigorating and I hope I do it again soon.  I may skip the casino part altogether.  Or save myself the seven minutes I spent the last time and make a little wager with myself – I just need to bring along an extra $20 and a match.


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